Spaceship and hi-tech gadgets!

As a young man I watched people landing on the moon and I dreamt one day of going into space. But it was just too expensive and I met an incredible engineer called Burt Rutan. He had come up with the idea of SpaceShip One. And SpaceShip One did three test lights, proved the technology could work so SpaceShip One is actually above us. This is actually about three times as big as SpaceShip. And it’s really pushing the boundaries – well, pushing the boundaries of space. Then there will be four flights done – [NASA has never done] space flights into space before we take passengers. And once we’ve really tried and tested it 24 months from now myself, my parents, my children will take the first flight into space and then we will avail it to anybody who wants to go.

“I was born out of your dreams and aspirations to create a robot of human characteristics. I’m sure that we will be more of a help to you in the near future. As you go up to the kiosk it takes your picture then associates the RFID tag that’s on the boarding pass with your image. Then as you walk through the boarding gate it will use – the RFID reader will capture the information on the tag which is a unique identifier, very analogous what’s on the back of your license plate then associates that with the biometric image and then uses software to do a match to your face. So that way it prevents terrorists from printing fake boarding passes and fake ID’s and walking through security and then getting onto a plane. It also will speed up the boarding gate process.