Future Technology: UMPC

“Steve, the 1:00 pm meeting has been brought forward to 8:00 a.m.”

“Check calendar, check mail.”

“Hey Steve, the client got an earlier flight, so we brought the meeting forward to 8:00 a.m.”

“Reply; no problem. Please print copies of the 1031 report. Attach and send. Pull; stock media and news.”


“Push one, five and seven.”

“[Inaudible, speaking Japanese 2:55] Beethoven. [Inaudible, speaking Japanese 3:10].

“Hey [Fenna].”


“Tonight’s gonna be so much fun. I’ll see you in like five minutes, okay?”

“Awesome, I’ll see you in five.”

It suits me, it shows me. It knows me. It reminds me. It goes with me. It speaks to me. It connects me. Ultra Mobile, it let’s me be me.

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