Thank you for taking the time to visit www.MOLECULARMINING.COM . Molecular mining evolved from the fact that some useful information is always present in every form of data. Molecular mining basically combines artificial intelligence and computer science with biology and chemistry to produce products for commercial use commanding great value.

  • Genomics,
  • proteomics
  • combinatorial chemistry
  • computational science
  • machine learning
  • drug discovery
  • Thought Field Therapy
  • Hypnotherapy

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Prediction of complex biological behavior using its unique, proprietary core technology. This technology can be applied to gene expression, SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms) and proteomics data to improve diagnostic and drug target identification and prioritization, predictive toxicology and drug screening. MMC markets its solutions through shrinkwrap software sales, strategic co-development of software and collaborative relationships.

The information from genes and proteins is complex and requires tremendous computational firepower and systems that can perform millions of complex equations every second.

ISB is replacing products from non-IBM vendors with the IBM systems, including a 64-node IBM eServer xSeries 1300 Cluster, with two micropressors per node. This highly scalable, prepackaged cluster will be used to process data from a network of mass spectrometers, which identify and analyze proteins — critical steps in the process of determining protein-protein interactions.

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