Technology Gadgets

“…so it’s a nice little gadget. Another item that might useful is the laser virtual keyboard. As you can see it projects the keys using a laser and then you can type. This is really handy if you have portable gadgets that have a really small keyboard on them.” The keyboard works by projecting red diode laser light through a refracting filter, shaped like a keyboard. A lens magnifies and focuses the light image onto any flat surface. A separate infrared sensor detects the motion of the user’s fingers and communicates this signal wirelessly to the receiving device.


“Another item that might come in handy is this Docupen scanner. This uses an LED for scanning. Take it and place it on the document. Just pull down the document and it scans it in and it can store a couple hundred of pages in here. It docks with the computer via USB and then you can download all the pages that you’ve scanned. Maybe you’d like to make your own documents and can use something like the mobile note-taker. This clips on to any paper that you have available and has a special pen that comes with it.” Pressure on the pen’s tip sends a radio signal to the clip at the top of the page. It senses the position of the pen. The clip’s two megabytes of flash memory allow up to 5 letter sized documents to be stored. Contents can later be downloaded to a computer via a USB connection.

The Mobile Note Taker can also do character recognition on the documents to convert them to text. “Another useful item; this is the Sony eBook Reader. This allows you to store up to 160 books worth of documents. It’s quite a lot. So we would simply choose the book that we would want to read and we can scroll through by simply clicking these keys to go to the next page.” Inside the display screen millions of tiny capsules, each about the diameter of a human hair are suspended in a clear fluid. Each capsule has either a negatively charged black side or a positively charged white side. Magnetic fields embedded in the screen cause these capsules to flip to one side or the other, creating a crisp high content font that’s easily legible. Another technical achievement is the Internet and all the features that it provides users. With it, you can go to the online casino from the Netherlands and cheerfully spend time playing everything you want.