Mobile Phone Technology

Here we figured out one thing. Content is the next and the single most important thing on your mobile phone. But that’s one [inaudible] limitation when it comes to experience of content on your mobile phone. And that is the screensaver of your mobile phone. But here’s Carl from the Netherlands who seriously tried devising a completely new device. So what have you got Carl?

Polymer Phones: Latest Mobile Phone Technology

We want to take the average screen size of the mobile phone today which is about two inches, and triple it in size so bring it up to; you know, an average of six, seven inches with a range of five to nine inches. So I would say that the best way to tell you this is to show it. So here I’ve got a device that’s smaller than the average mobile phone. An average mobile phone has a three inch display. So this small device when I open it up has a five inch display.

Okay, and that’s called a portable display.

Actually the general name is a rollable display. So that’s the big problem of course for everybody. Nobody wants to walk around with a big flat screen TV in their pocket. Take the screen size which today is millimeters thick with glass and we bring it down to the thickness of paper and solve exactly that problem of viewing experience that you just mentioned. If you look at standard technologies in phones today when you push an image to the phone while you’re looking at that image, whether you’re reading or just simply looking at it, you’re continuously putting power onto the screen. The beauty of this screen technology is that when I change the content, so I change the image I use power. But once I’ve changed it the power goes to zero. So it’s at zero use.