Interactive Mirror

The interactive technology, the scientists call it ambient intelligence, makes even brushing teeth a fun experience. The interactive mirror has some really amazing features. It lets you get traffic updates and check the weather before you leave home. Also you can get a forecast so you’ve got today; you’ve got tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and of course the local weather. So I mean that’s a great option and that’s something that I’ll definitely use.


The mirror can give your weight, height and body mass index and also track your weight over time. “You step on that there and you pretend to be really tall. I’m actually overweight because of my height. There. And that’s pretty much spot on, so it’s great.” And reflect on this, a mirror can let you check out the back of your head. And there’s no messy finger prints. Interaction is done by infrared sensors detecting up to five centimeters from to the glass. And the zoom feature is great for doing makeup.