Lexus That Parks Itself

That lets it pick up every parking space that you drive by when you’re traveling under 12 miles an hour. Now what [Roger] will do, he stops the vehicle, places it in reverse. Up on the monitor comes an option, straight and back park or parallel park. He’ll pick ‘parallel park’. Simply move the icon that represents the LS 460 into the space between the RX and the SC. You could pull it off the curb if you want. You can snug it right up to the curb if you want.


A lot of options, very simple technology, literally takes just a few seconds to do. Now, [Roger] is not a very good parallel parker which is why we have him do this because this vehicle will virtually do it for him. But for [Roger] in order to get this done I need him to take his hands off the steering wheel and actually stick them out the roof. There we go. We’ll everyone else to do the same. Now while [Roger] is not a very good parallel parker this car is going to make him look like a pro. Now again, driver assist technology. He’s riding the break to keep the car under two and a half miles per hour. Now watch the front wheel as he pulls in here; plenty of clearance in the front. Now the backup camera makes this easy and effortless to pull right up close to that SC, pull within a half an inch or so. You all could do that because the backup camera makes it that easy. Simply brings his hands back into the car, perfect parallel parking every time with the LS 460. We’ll be doing this one more time today at 4:00 so if you’d like to see the technology…