Spiritual Hypnotherapy

Much mystery shrouds Hypnotherapy making it very much misunderstood. People fear it is not safe, that they will loose control, divulge personal information or become stuck in the trance state of mind. The following will reveal to you that this is not true and that Spiritual Hypnosis  is a safe and effective means toward self-acceptance and love; ultimately, inner peace.
Many people also confuse Clinical Hypnotherapy with Stage Hypnotism.

In stage hypnotism performances, the volunteers appear to lose control. It must be remembered that they did volunteer, and are willing participants looking for “license” to act out in such outlandish ways. Typically, these people already have exhibitionist qualities, and often times are “wannabe actors”. They follow the hypnotist’s suggestions, even if they may look ridiculous, because they want to be part of the performance and have subconsciously agreed to do whatever they’re told. However, they still remain in control the entire time and will not perform any commands that fall outside of their moral beliefs. Further, Stage Hypnotists develop a skill in selecting those volunteers naturally more extroverted and uninhibited because they make for a better show.

One rule stage hypnotism constantly reinforces is that if a suggestive idea is accepted by the subconscious, it is automatically transformed into a reality and becomes an element in one’s life.

This is also true for clinical hypnotherapy where the application of hypnotic techniques are specifically for therapeutic healing purposes. We all have an innate ability to control our pain – hypnotherapy is a path to that control. For example, it can be used in the management and reduction of chronic pain, migraines, IBS symptoms, period and labor pain, etc, etc. Clinical Hypnotherapy also address accelerated healing, surgery preparation and dental work, emotional anxiety and mental anguish from stress, low-motivation, childhood trauma, procrastination, depression, etc. Clinical Hypnotherapy is simply a way of harnessing and utilizing the amazing, limitless power of our subconscious minds in every aspect of our lives.

It’s all about mentally shifting out of a state of discomfort and into a state of comfort – or out of dis-ease into ease. Much of clinical hypnotherapy is about pulling the weeds of unwanted suggestions or programming from the soil of the mind and planting fresh ones so that in normal waking life a new “flower of thought” will be growing in place of the old. In this way we simply become the new idea without having to implement the aid of will.