High-Tech Crib

Starry Night is a bed created by Leggett & Platt that for the first time ever has incorporated both diagnostic and entertainment technologies so we’ve really developed an intuitive and intelligent sleep system. We created Starry Night because we really listened to consumers. More things are happening in the bedroom, people are reading in their beds, or watching television or gathering with their families or working on their laptops. And so consumers were telling us that they wanted an environment that they could customize to make them more comfortable in that room.

Starry Night Sleep Technology Bed

There’s a lot of entertainment technology incorporated into Starry Night. As a matter of fact we think about taking the home theatre out of your basement and putting it up into your master bedroom. So there’s a lot of fun things to that; we have speakers that rise up out of the headboard and the footboard. We have a projection system that comes up out of the headboard and shines an image on the opposing wall. We have a 1.5 terabyte system that can store up to 20,000 hours of video or about 400,000 songs. We even have an iPod docking station. So this is not your typical bed.

The Starry Night diagnostic capability is very unique and very innovative and for the first time ever we’re able to recognize when someone is snoring. And when they’re snoring we can elevate the bed and open up their airway. In addition if someone is tossing and turning or getting out of bed a lot we can actually make recommendations to them no how to improve that part of their sleep.

And finally, most consumers tell us that they want to sleep hotter or cooler than their bed partner so we can actually manipulate the surface of that bed to give them more customized sleep experience in that sense. So it all comes down to the environment you’re sleeping in and the ability to improve that environment. And if you can do that you can actually improve your sleep. There are a lot of connections today that link quality of sleep to quality of life. As a matter of fact there are studies coming out all the time that tell us if you sleep better you can actually more weight, you can actually look better and just feel better so that your average day just goes better. So if we are monitoring our sleep, if we are improving our sleep, the quality of life that we have can actually be improved.