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…electronics at CES 2009. My name is Sean Cassady. So what would be cooler than a thin three millimeter TV like OLED, how about a flexible OLED. If you want to see the future in television for Sony electronics, flexible OLED is definitely where it’s at. This year we’re actually showing a prototype of a two inch flexible OLED. Now being flexible allows us to do all kinds of crazy things.

Just to give you some idea of what you can do. What if you had a laptop and it was made with this flexible OLED. Number one you’d be able to fold it because of that 2.5 centimeter fold you’d actually be able to have a very small footprint with it. It can also be a touch screen so you can have a virtual keyboard, whatever the case may be. It’s going to give you a very small product. We can maybe even make a watch or a bracelet with actually a walkman so you can actually have your track information on this piece of jewelry. Even if you like to read electronic books, we make a reader. We can make a reader possibly out of this material and give you a nice thin product and it would be in color The application – the amount of applications that you can use it for are astounding.

Latest technology – Future television 2009 open show

So the fact that television started out as a big giant tube, now we’ve made them very thin and we’ve made them even thinner with our XEL1-11 inch OLED. How about if we made it very thin and you could bend it and wrap it and maybe put it on clothes – anything – the sky is the limit so that’s what really makes us a compelling display. This technology is not something you’ll see any time soon but hey that’s what we come to CES for. When somebody talks about it three years later we can say we saw it already.