The Infinite Battery

Now that I’ve turned half of my viewers away by telling the truth about the physics behind free energy I’m going to attempt to redeem myself and re-grab those viewers’ attention with a remarkable concept for producing a constant without violating the second law of thermodynamics, a so called infinite battery. Basically there are trillions of electromagnet waves travelling around and through us at any given time, all different frequencies, all different amplitudes.

Alien Technology – The Infinite Battery


Take a radio for example. The electrons inside of the metal of a radio antenna are constantly bombarded with all these different frequencies and electromagnetic waves. These cause the electrons inside the antenna to oscillate up and down at the frequency of the waves, hitting it. A radio’s tuning device is simply a capacitor which varies its capacitants frequency when you turn the tuning knob, allowing only specific frequencies to be fed through. But basically you can move your head out of the way and put the radio where your head used to be so therefore that’s proof that these waves are going through our bodies right now. They’re going everywhere, they’re all over. We can’t see them because they’re a different frequency than our eyes can see but they’re – we’re constantly being bombarded with all these different frequency electromagnetic waves all the time. Now the trick is to turn all these into a coherent stream and to get energy from them somehow.

So – in electronics there is what’s called a diode which is made up of positively and negative silicone plates which touch each other. The electric current travelling across a diode can only flow from positive to negative. If you run the current the opposite way, negative to positive, the diode separates from the electron interactions, the materials inside, and it flips the switch to off basically. This is different than a light-emitting diode. A light-emitting diode will emit light across if you hook it up the same – the right way. But if you reverse polarize a light-emitting diode it becomes a light detector; kind of interesting.

So basically current can only travel across a diode in one way. This is the same circuit that they have in those shake-up flashlights that have no batteries, they just have a magnet inside and you shake them up. Those things run forever. So here’s the deal. There’s a special type of quasi-crystal where the unit cell is like a tiny nano circuit of nano diodes which only allow electrons to flow in one direction through the crystal. Random electromagnet waves entering the crystal will allow the electrons in the crystal to oscillate at whatever frequency they’re hit with, same as the electrons within a radio antenna and as long as they’re free electrons. But when they do they find that their direction is blocked one way because of the semiconductors. The whole crystal is made out of semiconductors which only allow electricity to move across this thing in one way, the entire circuit, the entire crystal.

So when these waves come in they take this free electron and it rides one half of the way and then when the other half of the wave tries to dip it back down again it’s blocked by the diodes inside the crystal structure and can’t go back down so it only absorbs one half of the wavelength which basically propagates all these little atoms across the crystal in a coherent stream. And basically just takes the energy right out of the electromagnetic radiation which permeates through all space and time; more strongly so in direct sunlight, of course, because we’re getting more direct energy from the sun.

You produce much more higher voltage in direct sunlight. It’s kind of like a photovoltaic cell, only just the most advanced photovoltaic cell you could possibly imagine. It’s – photovoltaic cells are typically 20% efficient at best. This would be almost 90% efficient. I don’t know the exact number but…this allows the crystal basically to produce a constant voltage, seemingly from nothing. But I’ve proven that the energy doesn’t come from nothing. It can’t come from nothing; that would violate physical laws that we just went over in the last video. But this energy comes from electromagnetic energy that’s already there, it’s all around us. It just provides us a way to harness this random energy and convert it into a form that’s more useable to us; in this case electrical voltage. Since we are only absorbing one-half of the wavelength and since not all waves are polarized in the proper direction, less than a third, maybe less than a fourth of the total ambient electromagnetic energy gets converted into electrical voltage.

So the amperage is small but it’s comparable to an alkaline electrochemical battery of the same size. The great part is you never have to replace it and it will work better than a conventional battery in direct sunlight and it’s just in the dark where it’s just running off of radio waves and microwaves and infrared waves and all of these other types of waves that are travelling through space and time. It doesn’t work quite as well as it would work in direct sunlight.

So there you have it. If there’s a scientific proof of concept and if you have a reputation of it I’d like to hear it. I’ll be waiting to hear some offers from people who want the formula for manufacturing these quasi-crystal nano-diode batteries or would like to discuss the possibility of funding a start-up company to you know, start – begin building a silicone refinery able to produce the 99.99999 percent pure silicone required for the first stage of the manufacturing process. So questions, comments, you know what to do. I expect this video to be highly controversial so rate it whatever you think it deserves. Thanks for watching.

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