Hydrogen Technology

Denny Klein fires up his hot new invention. His machine amidst a flame that feels only slightly warm to the touch. But watch what happens when he touches anything else. “Instantaneously I can burn a whole right down through the center of that brick.” The flame instantly turns hotter than the surface of the sun, heat so intense it takes only seconds to literally burn a hole through charcoal. Three seconds turns a brass ball to glowing liquid metal. Tungsten lights up like a sparkler. Steel, lead and other metal slices on contact, yet the tip of the welder stays cool to the touch. “No other fuel will do this.”


Denny Klein uses an alternative fuel source once thought impossible. He says people still have trouble believing him when he reveals his liquid fuel. “Water; take water and electricity and we break it down through our very unique electrolysis process.” Klein has just patented his process of converting H20 to HHO, producing a gas that combines the atomic power of hydrogen with the chemical stability of water. “It turns right back to water, and you see the water running off of this.”

Klein originally designed his water burning engine for cutting metal. He thought his invention would replace volatile acetylene in welding factories. And then one day as he drove to his laboratory in Clearwater he thought of another way to burn his HHO gas. “On 100 mile trip we burn we use about four ounces of water.” Klein says his prototype 1994 Escort can travel exclusively on water though he currently has it rigged to run as a water and gasoline hybrid. “Simply speaking, it can change the world by reducing our dependence on fossil fuels.”

Pete Dominici is helping Klein take his hydrogen technology patents from a two room office in Clearwater to consumer markets around the world. “You know what, Microsoft came out of nowhere, came out of the garage; why not hydrogen technologies.” The duo is already in negotiations with one US auto maker and the US government. Their plans have grown from basic welding with water to powering the world with the safest and cleanest fuel on earth. Craig Patrick, Fox News.

Members of congress recently invited Denny Klein to Washington to demonstrate his technology; now his company is currently developing a Hummer for the US military that can run on both water and gasoline.

So far his water-powered engines have passed all performance safety inspections so all systems appear to be go right now and it gives new meaning to the term ‘running water’. You just have to hope that water prices don’t go up like the gas…