A Glimpse Into The Future of Technology

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the next generation. Let me introduce you to free-space optics developed from fiber optic technology. Free-space optics makes use of concentrated chlorinated laser technology to transmit optical data over huge distances through space. Special arrays of high-powered satellites capable of producing these laser beams will be utilized the future. The location of the satellites are tracked in real time and any communication data is inter-transmitted from one satellite to another. This way whether you are in America, Asia or anywhere in the world the entire globe is linked to a worldwide satellite network with blazing fast download speeds.

Next, a new generation of paper. I know you’ve seen laptops and tablet pc’s but this will revolutionize everything you know about human computer interfaces. This is an entire laptop squeezed into a one millimeter thick piece of paper; interactive 3-d displays full batch processing power at your fingertips. But take a look at this – write the word ‘cam’ and it becomes a portable camera. Look at the breathtaking scenery to capture this moment forever simply place the piece of paper in front of you The optical sensors embedded in the paper sense the impacting photons and transmits it into a clean, crisp visual image. The camera on a piece of paper, amazing? Amazing.

Interconnectivity is the password of the new millennium. Put these glasses on and they give you the power to interact with everyday objects. Simply look at a TV and will it to turn on and the neuron censors in the glasses will do the rest. Next generation will usher in a new degree of connectivity. The possibilities of interaction are limitless; personal area networks. Each person’s [devisors] are interconnected in a personal network and information sharing is widely available.

Let’s look at the hand phone. Utilizing a light vivid touch screen the digital experience is meant to be enjoyed. And the ease of use means that everybody, young and old, can use and benefit from technology. Share files, videos, music, reports or anything you want at a touch of a button. This is the world today, are you excited? I sure am!